Sade Aset, born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting/Directing and minor in dance at Pacific Lutheran University. Her work has been showcased there as well as on the stages of the 5th Avenue Theatre, Village Theatre, and many local community theaters and high schools. Her goal is to use art as an opportunity to build up the community by exchanging knowledge and experience under the lens of creativity.

“As an artist, I desire to create innovative and elaborate work, inspired by avant-garde, absurdist and psychologically invested themes and aesthetics. In order to capture the true complexities of the human experience, it takes a great deal of evaluating and collaboration. This is when the creative process is at its peak.

I am intentional in surrounding myself with a variety of artists. It is important to me to uplift other artists and promote diversity whenever possible. I aim to make theatre and dance more accessible and demonstrate that there are endless possibilities in the industry.”

What People Say

Sade is one of the most professional and kind directors I have worked with. She is multi-faceted and is more than capable directing acting, music, and dancing. She engages ensembles in such a healthy way and never fails to create wonderful and supportive spaces for everyone. 

Matthew Wittress, Village KIDSTAGE student

Sade is a positive and caring individual, and an excellent collaborator. In working with her peers, she was able to expertly navigate the challenges of directing friends and overcome the challenges that working on a production comprised of high school and college students. I could always rely on her to approach any difficulty that arose with a level head, and in the end her production of Rent: School Edition was one of the most successful student-led productions KIDSTAGE has ever had.

Joel Arpin, KIDSTAGE Production Manager

Sade’s energy and passion drive the high-caliber work she does. As a director and as a choreographer she brings her own skeleton of what she wants into the room and invests the time and effort to encourage her fellow artists to flesh out a final product that all can be proud of. It’s truly an amazing process to be a part of.

Melanie Gunderson, PLU Alumna ’19

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